Lauren and Mat

Mali Brae Farm, New South Wales

Mat and Lauren are legends. Motorsport journalist, DIY master and professional beardsman meets Occupational Therapist, fence hopper and bride extraordinaire. Mali Brae Farm was killing it on the aesthetics, and offered crazy golden fields, isolated trees and an epic sunset. I’ll always be a country wedding photographer at heart, so this Southern Highlands wedding really got me. 83 guests roamed the huge property, and every element of the day was uniquely Mat and Lauren.

“The half-life of love is forever.”

I can’t pick the best part – a refurbished train as the getting ready venue, roaming llamas, a Monty Python sketch during the ceremony, fence jumping, the bride cartwheeling, or the stunning moments of intimacy during the sunset. Add in a custom Ron Bennett suit and Merci Bouquet flowers, I had to share it.

Check out Mat’s words:

“First and foremost, friggin’ amazing photos. Like seriously, consider doing it for a living because I reckon you might be okay at it… Lauren is constantly going back over them which is a good sign. We’ve known couples who’ve been happy with their wedding photos but we’re in awe of what you managed to get. Photos are the one tangible thing to come from a wedding so we believed every cent we spent was an investment; something that we can put on our walls and show the kids and grandkids in the decades to come. Your photos will live on long after your memory of the day fades, and make us smile every time we look at them. They’re more than just photos, they’re works of art and a record of one of the most important days in your life. It’s an enormous thing to trust someone with and we couldn’t have been more stoked.”

A huge thank you to my second shooter Brad Couszins who was a legend the entire day and the flash holder for their favourite shot! He came along to my Daylight Learn workshop in August last year – I look for upcoming talent and invite the attendees to let loose their new skills. The groom said, “Your second shooter’s images were great, and having him there meant we got some amazing, AMAZING photos. That backlit one under the street light is probably my favourite of the lot, so thanks for asking to bring him along. It was absolutely worth it for that shot, and everything else was a bonus.”

"Sometimes the most brilliant plan is the one that’s unknown. Live in the moment on your wedding day. You won’t be disappointed."