Gray and Jane

The Orchard Farm

The Wedding of Gray & Jane (as told by Gray):


Almost two weeks after the wedding day, words aren’t coming easily to me. I’m still speechless. Jane and I are so tremendously overwhelmed; we feel so drenched in love that it could take months for this to sink in properly.

Our wedding was never going to be ‘normal.’ Jane and I are not sticklers for tradition – right from the get-go we were thinking something slightly out of the box. We approached the day in a truly refreshing way. We trusted that whatever happened, the reality was that we would commit to each other in front of our friends and family for life under God, and if anything wasn’t 100% perfect….well, that would be okay.

We threw around ideas for things that we really had never seen before, and most of it…. kinda worked?

It started with our venue – our incredible friends Mag and Bel decided they would purchase an old apple farm, and spent months shaping the beautiful shed and house into a stunning venue for a wedding, allowing Jane and I to be the first (of hopefully many!) that it hosted.

Then came the food. I was at a local market when I was summoned across the lot by a captivating smell. Two minutes later and halfway through a plate of ribs, I knew then and there that this was the best food I had ever eaten. Dozens of emails and many months later, Janson from Rangers Texas BBQ stood tall at his stall at the reception as two pigs and 80kgs of ribs sat in their smokers, contently preparing themselves to be devoured by the 115 strong guest list Jane and I had invited to celebrate with us.

Then came the dancing. Jane and I recently travelled half way around the world with seven of our good friends to attend a wedding in Peru. Apparently in South America it’s quite normal to have what’s called a ‘La Hora Loca,’ spanish for ‘The Crazy Hour.’ It took us completely by surprise, but all of a sudden, confetti, balloons, dress ups, and everything around us exploded into the most electrified chaos any of us had ever experienced on a dance floor… We literally partied until 4:30am. It was something that Jane and I talked about for months, and we knew that we had to implement something similar at our own wedding, even if its not how things are done over here.

Every idea we threw out onto the table seemed to work… probably because it represented us. We weren’t too caught up in doing things the ‘proper way,’ so the entire day just flowed in a really unique way. We made our own cake the night before the wedding, had a bible as our guest book, gave fudge and beef jerky for our bonbonnieres, and only played seventies funk for the entire dinner. Everyone helped out – our flowers were done by our incredible friend Manda, owner of Florry. We gave her our complete trust in turning our reception into something beautiful, and she, with the help our of other dear friends Cheeky Reubens, created the most wonderful decorations we could have ever imagined.

I love Jane so much for her easy going nature, her love of quirky things, her adventurous-outdoorsy nature and her love of great food and friends, and we made the day exactly that… It was absolutely perfect. Honestly, we had the biggest smiles on our face from the second I saw her walking down the aisle right up to the moment James pulled his incredible stunt (at which point it was replaced with unadulterated shock).

I guess that kind of brings me to James.

As if the entire experience of our wedding day wasn’t enough for Jane and I to chew on for months as it was, James freaking Day had to pull what is surely the most insane thing ever pulled as a wedding photographer.

James (and Tim King, and Maxim aka Big Day Of) were just awesome on the day. They made Jane and I (and the whole bridal party) feel like total rockstars, and Jane and I honestly could not have been more stoked with how they shot the day. We had so much fun taking photos, we were genuinely bummed when the sun packed it up for the day and told us it was time to go eat!

Midway through a Cigar and Scotch, after a mammoth feed and a full-body-blitz level dance floor effort, James quietly grabbed Jane and I aside. Euphoric is probably the closest word to describe how we felt at the time – with almost the entire day was behind us, every single thing had gone perfectly. The day had been a complete and utter perfect rendition of the day we had played countless times in our head.

Only now the script was flipped.

Jane and I didn’t plan the day to a tee, to allow for little things here and there that we didn’t expect… But what James was leading us to wasn’t anything we could have expected. He asked us to stand by the fireplace, hold hands and wait.

In ten million repeats of that exact same scenario, I’m sure Jane and I could not have predicted what was to happen next. It honestly still baffles me.

Our best day ever … so far!


We created a wedding album for Jane and Mike and gave it to them at the end of the night. Look below to see for yourself how they reacted

I’ll close by saying that Jane and I are wholly thankful. We could not have asked for anything more special to cap off the most incredible day of our lives. James, Tim and Maxim took our wedding from an 11 out of 10 to a 1 million… and Jane and I were quite sure that 5 minutes before we saw that album that there was no way in the world what we were feeling could have been exceeded. But it was, one million times over.

James Day is a freaking legend… And I am so blessed to have him as a brother – oh my word do I owe him one!”