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People often ask me what I enjoy most about photographing weddings. The simple answer is … wedding cake! It’s the best and worst thing about being a wedding photographer. It tastes so good, and I just can’t stop at one piece!

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding?
Is it the fact that the people you love most will all be in the one place, or maybe the anticipation of going away on a nice holiday afterwards? I bet it’s a combination of all this important stuff.

A wedding is more than just a big booze-up. Whaaaat?? That’s crazy. It’s more than just exchanging your vows. It’s an unpredictable mish-mash of hilarious, fun and heart-warming moments all smooshed together into one day.

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My goal is simple,

to take you back to those crazy moments
every time you see your photos…

…and not eat all your wedding cake!

Hey James, why is getting to know us so important?

It’s your day. You need to feel comfortable. I want to take the photos that are meaningful to you. I want to surprise you with images that you didn’t even know you wanted, until I showed them to you.

You want photos that get to the heart of you and the people you love, not photos that reflect a photographer’s favourite pose. I get that and that’s what I want for you too! 

So, for 95% of the day I will simply capture artistic images that will take you back to the moment. For 5% of the day I will give you some helpful direction… like, “Hey, the light over here is really nice…let’s take that shot of you and your grandma… if you’d like to squeeze her a little tighter, then go for it.”

Basically, the better I know you as a couple, the better I’m able to tell your story. 


My gorgeous mum enjoying her morning muesli: captured on the iPhone 7+ (Portrait mode)

Oh, and James, why is it so important to authentically document our story?

I’m inspired by people who are in love. I look intently for the moments in people’s lives where a choice has been made to truly love one another. Not just the feeling that we call 'love', but the moments in which love is expressed.

I remember a conversation with my father, it was the night before he passed away. I was 14 at the time, sitting by the hospital bed holding his hand as we shared the last conversation of his life. We talked about the future. 

We talked about what I might like to do when I grew up. He told me not to do what everyone else thought I should do, but simply follow my dreams. 

We were best mates. We went to camera clubs together and enjoyed family holidays. Dad always had his professional SLR camera in-hand. There would always be competition between us for the camera. I would want to photograph the people I met in the streets, their connections and emotions, and he would want to photograph the landscape. When he passed away, I inherited his camera gear and his passion for photography.


Dad sporting his standard kit:
Plaid shirt, flowing locks and a lens almost bigger than his head.

I’ll take extra care

These are your photos, your memories. I’ll back them up, and back them up again. Then I’ll back them up again. 

I understand that this day is more than just 'important' to you, that you’ve never married each other before, and that you might want some personal recommendations in the planning of your wedding. 

So, you’ll have my personal phone number and email - I’m here to help. 

Ultimately, it’s your story that I'm telling.
Thanks for having me along for the ride.


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